FAQ - Have Questions?

Weskeag Oyster Farm sign painted by Melissa Jameson


1. What's the difference between your two types of oysters? 

Our oysters are farmed on over seven acres of the beautiful Weskeag river estuary in South Thomaston, Maine. Over the years we’ve refined two methods of growing extraordinary oysters:

Snow Points are grown in floating bags that strengthen the shells. These beauties have a uniform size and shape with a deep cup. They are easy to shuck and have a sweet taste that increases with the winter months resulting in just the right briny taste and a buttery finish.

Submarines are carefully grown along the river bottom for 1-2 years and will torpedo your taste buds! These have unique, strong, beautifully shaped shells, and plump full meats with a similar sweet buttery finish. 

2. How well do oysters keep?

Oysters really do grow in mother nature's perfect package and if kept chilled will last for a week or more, but as we always say, "the fresher the better" so that's why we don't harvest your oysters until we get your order. Since we ship overnight, the only way you can get oysters any fresher is by picking up at the farm! (Call us if you want to have a bag waiting for you at the farm!)

3. Are oysters sustainable seafood?

Yes, our oysters are about as sustainable as seafood gets. They are grown in the clean waters of Maine with no need for fertilizers, antibiotics or any additives. We also use solar power for our pumps and refrigerators and a percentage of our sales go toward ocean conservation. 

4. Can you actually find a pearl in one of your oysters? 

It's very rare, but it is possible to find a small pearl in these oysters. Keep a look out and take a picture to send to us!

5. How do you ship?

We offer overnight and 2-day shipping options through FedEx and DHL. Oysters are shipped in insulated boxes with gel packs to keep your oysters cool during transport. During checkout, choose the best method of shipping offered to your location. We currently ship from the farm on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Please call us at 207-596-0007 to discuss your particular shipping requirements. We'll even hand-write a gift card if you let us know your message.

6. How do I know the oysters are OK when they arrive?

Oysters are alive if the shells are sealed closed. It's very rare that a shipped oyster would arrive cracked open. Call us if you have any concerns!

7. What does a bicycle-propelled submarine built by George Kittredge actually look like?

See for yourself, it's parked at the farm. There are also a few other submarine models at the memorial park on the Weskeag River at the "gig" — which is the local way of pointing to the Weskeag River reversing falls in the center of town. 

Human-powered submarine built by George Kittridge.